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I have converted one room in to a home office. The most important feature of this room is the beautiful view. The room is in a corner of the building, so two walls are fully glazed and open on to balconies. The walls are finished with Thai silk and teak veneer panels. The doorway was rebuilt so the door dramatically extends from floor to ceiling. The furniture is recycled from the previous decor; in fact, the table hasn't moved, and I have also used the room as a cozy second dining room.


In one direction is a view of Lumpini Park. In the other direction is a view of a villa with lush gardens, surrounded by a few skyscrapers.

With very little decoration, it is important to me that the few elements that exist have a continuity. Grooves in the wood panels match around the room and align with the openings for the balconies. I had them cut grooves in to the door to match those on the wall.
Picture Rail

A close up of the picture rail system. I would never want to cut the silk on the office walls or punch holes in the lacquer in the other rooms. So, I had aluminum rails sunk in to the wall plaster under the ceiling edges. It's now easy to hang, move, and change pictures with just some hooks and loops of fishing line or steel wire. This required just a little foresight, was really inexpensive to add to the project, and adds a professional gallery feeling to the rooms. It makes so much sense I don't know why more people don't do it. You can also see the fine horizontal stripes in the silk which contrast with the vertical grain of the wood panels.

Bedroom Room

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