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Night Photos and Lighting

This apartment was especially designed with night time use in mind. Most visitors will probably only see it at night, especially since the sun sets around 6pm all year round. The character changes completely after dark. Colors that are rich by day are more muted at night. Every light has a dimmer switch, and they are set low in order to compete less with the nighttime views. Because so much of the apartment is glass, it gets very hot in the daytime. So, the apartment is actually more comfortable at night, too.



This view shows the main techniques used in lighting the main room and dining area. On the sides under the ceiling are beams with lights inside, shining up towards the ceiling. This indirectly lights the room with even, non glaring light. Some spot lights along the wall help to define the edges of the architecture. A spotlight commends the painting, a Miss Kitty original ca 1990.


Two pendant lights with halogens are set at face level on either side of the sink.

The other side of the bathroom is poorly lit by the halogens, so a few standard light bulbs are tucked up under the edge of the ceiling to light up the back wall. Elegant and cost effective.

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