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The main room contains the living room and the dining area. At present, I'm still waiting for some dining furniture. Major work in this room included: all new electrical, raising the ceiling 10 centimeters, and installing a dark gray terrazzo floor. Terrazzo is easy to maintain, cheaper than wood or stone, and with the right choice of colors it can look tasteful. Much of the wallspace is glass, the rest is painted with purple/violet lacquer, a which everyone predicted would look garish but turned out slick. The minimalist ceiling fans are from Modern Fan in the USA, practical and beautiful. The tapestry quilt is by Miss Kitty ca 1990. Last but not least is the grand piano, a fantasy for decades that finally came true. I spent months trying many pianos, and I have grown to love the sound and feel of this Petrof. It's perfect for Brahms, and I'm inspired to work on his pieces now.



The seating area consists of a large sofa and an armchair. The furniture is large, but short, giving the room a greater sense of height. White was chosen to make an elegant contrast with the dark walls and floor, although I am beginning to wonder if it will stay white for very long.

The stairway was originally enclosed. Opening it up made the whole room feel bigger, and provides a nice rhythm visually. The new handrail is as minimal as I could make it. I forgot to order new stain for the steps, which are the original reddish color that thais seem very fond of, but I am not. There's a new sliding door behind the wooden structure which now enables me to completely seal off the upstairs from downstairs, forming two apartments if desired. Sculpture by Joe Stallone c.a. 1980.


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