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The kitchenette was a sub-project of my total renovation. It was basically a separate project located upstairs, unrelated to the rest of the work downstairs. The goal was to create enough of a kitchen to make it feasible to rent out the upstairs as a separate apartment. The challenge was to make it look good, not spend too much, and fit as much as possible in a small space. (1.3m x 1.8m / 4.3ft x 5.9ft)

Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of the work. There were no substanstial changes along the way from the plans. Some things were adjusted, like the interior was changed to white paint, and a light switch was moved for safety reasons.

Compared to what one would pay in a developed country, this was quite economical. However, I ended up paying for it in other ways: time and frustration. Work was started in December 2002 and ended around April 2003, far longer than was anticipated or agreed to in the contract. Three weeks should have been enough when employing a general contractor.

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Photos (300k web page)
Plans (352k PDF file; fonts not pretty on screen but prints nicely)
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