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Replacing much of the furniture was necessary to make the renovated rooms look better. This may sound a bit wasteful, but I was actually able to re-use all the old furniture in the under-furnished upstairs of my apartment. One of the interesting aspects of furnishing in Thailand, is that custom made furniture hardly costs any more than quality pre-made Thai furniture, and costs much less than imported furniture. So, I was able to able to design a lot of my furniture myself, or have it copied. One of the pleasures of designing furniture as opposed to rooms is that you can see the finished results in weeks instead of months. I also found a good general furniture company whom I could work well with. They cost more than others, but the quality was better, and they were more helpful.

Pictured above:
Arm-Chair In this case I took a dutch design and converted the cold steel tubing to sleek wooden planes, which I feel is more suitable for a home. For a chair that looks so geometric, it is really comfortable. Teflon treated Thai silk upholstery.
Side-Table My design. Solid teak.


Breakfast Table My design. Solid teak legs with veneer top. Since I haven't found anyone to make the larger and more complicated dining table I designed, I'll use this smaller one for now.
Sofa Shameless copy of a Rodolfo Dordoni design. I picked out which foam they used inside, so that it even feels like the original. Thai ultra-suede fabric. The first thing I did was spray two cans of Scotchguard on it.
Coffee Table Copy of something I saw in a French advert.
Carpet My design. Synthetic chenille. It took forever to get the color right, but it goes with the sofa perfectly.

Bench One of a pair, my design. You always take your shoes off when entering a Thai home, but it's amazing how rarely you are provided a seat to do so.
Chair Chair

Dining Chairs I designed this clear acrylic chair with a nod to a Frank Gehry design. Unfortunately, I chose the wrong thickness of acrylic and it did not feel strong enough to confidently sit on. So, I designed the wooden chair on the right instead. The table and the chairs together make a nice matching set of rectangular angles, columns, and beams.

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