Photos During Construction

Floor Demolition

Demolition begins. First to go is the world's ugliest tile floor (faux-wood grain ceramic).

The floor, the ceiling and some useless encroaching partitions are all gone. Even gutted I think it looks better than it did before.

Some days they sent a lot of people, many days only a few. These are the woodworkers, fixing up the stairway, putting in some paneling, and building light soffits. The number of bodies did not bear a lot of relationship to the work completed.

Fortunately my building allowed me to knock out the entire exterior bathroom wall and put in the glass blocks you see here. You can see the air conditioning compressors on the ledge behind it. Also you can see the beginnings of the white marble floor and the mosaic tile wall sections.

Terrazzo floors are serious work but not too technical. First they laid down black plastic strips to make the grid pattern, which are mostly decorative though they may help prevent a bit of cracking. Then they poured in the concrete and pebble mixture as you see here. Finally, it was sanded down to a smooth finish. Unfortunately, these poor guys were mis-managed and were not provided an experienced team member; the result being the floor failed the first two times and had to be re-installed a third. I felt sorry for them. With a few exceptions, the workers were a really nice bunch and wanted to do a good job.

Painting lacquer walls properly is probably not possible in Thailand. However, the paint crew did all right with a spray gun. The walls were replastered and machine sanded before several coats of stinky oil paint were applied. Everything was masked off first, but all my posessions in the adjoining room were still covered with a fine purple mist.

Did someone say "safety equipment"? These guys are replacing the glass panels on the greenhouse section, 13 floors above ground level.


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