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The bathroom may be the masterpiece of the whole project. The whole idea came to me while I was half way around the world in Germany and nothing changed after I drew the plans that day. I was permitted to to knock out the entire exterior wall. Then I planned a series of aqua colored glass block walls and partitions. The small space is tight and full of turns, making it difficult to photograph, but fun to be in.


All the bathroom fixtures are done in stainless steel. Aside from the tap and sink basin, all stainless steel work is custom made, from the tables to the towel racks to the edging on the glass block panels. This was expensive, even by Thai standards, but the effect is proportionally stunning. Only the cleaning woman complains.
Marble Floor
Whenever possible I tried to use local materials. The glass blocks, for example, are Thai made and cost a fraction of the European equivalent. The marble on the floor, too, is Thai from Saraburi. Most Thai marble is full of crack lines and isn't so nice, but I went to the quarry myself and hand picked the pieces I preferred. The result looks great and cost a tenth of the Italian import. You can also see in this photo how the seams of the tiles line up with seams in the glass blocks, and form symetries with the fixtures. This is hard to control, especially in a remodel where you can't change things like the toilet position. In fact, the toilet here is the original: the ubiquitous American Standard, as utilitarian as the steel.

These stainless steel cabinets are my own design. Quite heavy, they fit the location perfectly and match the steel accents on the glass panels.

There was no ready-made shower system that would have worked into the glass blocks, so we took some stainless steel pipes, a T join, and some simple faucet handles and constructed something that matched the style well.


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